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Do not be so sweet
That people will eat you up.

Nor so bitter that
They will spit you out.

Pashto Folk Saying (via cerres)

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Frida Kahlo. Self-Portrait Dedicated to Marte R. Gomez (Autorretrato Dedicado a Marte R. Gomez). 1946.

Siren with a kithara from a grave monument
Greek, Classical Period, 2nd half of the 4th century B.C.
Pentelic marble
Walters Art Museum 
Hope and Memory have one daughter and her name is Art, and she has built her dwelling far from the desperate field where men hang out their garments upon forked boughs to be banners of battle. O beloved daughter of Hope and Memory, be with me for a while.
W.B. Yeats (via simplybookdrunk)
If you’re ever lucky enough to find a girl who is a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind, you should hold onto that. Because she’ll be yours at two in the morning and at two in the afternoon the following day. She’ll kiss you where it hurts and until it hurts. And that’s important. Someone who not only knows how to turn you on but also knows how to treat you right is someone worth a little something… and a little more than usual.
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